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Polyethylene is the piping material of choice for Residential, Commercial and Municipal irrigation systems. The pipe is flexible and can be coiled providing continuous long runs. In addition, it can bent to a minimum bending radius of up to 30 times the pipe’s outside diameter, often eliminating the need for fittings.

Polyethylene is tough, abrasion resistant and does not get brittle like PVC. Polyethylene irrigation systems have an extended life expectancy of 25-50 years based on the material grade and installation.

Polyethylene can be easily installed in a variety of ways including vibrating plows, open cut or via horizontal directional drilling. No glue or solvents are needed to join the pipe. For permanent leak free joints you can heat fuse HDPE made to IPS pipe sizes. This is typically used in golf course mains. For residential or smaller commercial installations, IDR (Inside Dimension Ratio) pipe is joined with insert fittings and clamps. A complete system of sprinkler heads is available for polyethylene pipe from Irrigation Distributors.

Polyethylene is cost effective, easy to work with and the ideal choice for your irrigation system.