Municipal & Industrial

“ Crumbling infrastructure has a direct impact on our personal and economic health, and the nation’s infrastructure crisis is endangering our future prosperity. Our leaders are looking for solutions to the nation’s current economic crisis. Not only could investment in these critical foundations have a positive impact, but if done responsibly, it would also provide tangible benefits to the American people, such as reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, clean and abundant water supplies, and protection against natural hazards.”
D. Wayn e Klotz, P.E., F.ASCE President American Society of Civil Engineers

Replacing our aged water and sewer infrastructure has become one of our nation’s highest priorities.

It is critical to our children’s future prosperity and health and to the sustainability of our world’s natural resources.

It is estimated that leaking pipes are responsible for losing 2.5 billion gallons of drinking water every day in the United States. Leaking pipes mean lost revenue, cause roadbed subsidence and collapse, and pose a public health risk.

For example, a critical failure in a water main can create a vacuum situation where ground contaminants are pulled directly into the water distribution system.

There are environmental concerns as well, such as sewage seeping out through leaking joints and corroded pipes that are contaminating our fresh water tables.

Repair and rejuvenation is indeed critical. However, the opportunity is to renew and rebuild with a fresh approach that addresses the critical issues of public health, improving durability, and long-term economic and natural resource sustainability.

The time has come to take advantage of a proven product and technology that we have long known to outperform and outlast the products of past generations.

That product is High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) — the cost-effective, sustainable infrastructure choice for generations to come!