Water Wells

Charter Potable Water pipe has set the industry standard for quality for the last 25 years. All Charter Potable Water Pipe is listed by NSF as safe for drinking water.

Available both in black and in Blue Ice (natural polyethylene core with a blue shell), we have a product that is right for you.

Charter Water Well pipe is made to IDR (inside dimension ratio) pipe size and is joined with insert fittings and clamps.

Polyethylene is ideal for down well applications due to its long term performance and outstanding physical characteristics like flexibility and tensile strength.

Unlike PVC, polyethylene pipe can be coiled. Charter offers a wide range of coil lengths in 100' increments to meet your well depth, eliminating the need for joints down your well which could be potential leak points. Additionally, the use of polyethylene eliminates the use of glue or solvents in your water system.

The tensile strength of polyethylene allows the installer to hang the pump directly from the bottom of the pipe. If the pump ever fails, the pipe and pump can easily be retrieved.