Charter Plastics specializes in manufacturing medium and high density polyethylene pressure pipe designed for safety and long term performance. We offer an expansive product line in a variety of pipe sizing systems, sizes and pressures to satisfy your project requirements.

Color coding in the form of a colored outer shell or stripes is available for many of our product lines. Charter pipe is color coded by end use application per the APWA guidelines.

Charter’s product listing is by application, pipe sizing system and material designation. To help you find and identify the pipe that is right for your application follow the three easy steps:

Step 1:
Identify your required Pipe Listing by referring to the End Use Application.

Pipe Listing Typical End Use Application:
Potable Water Water Wells
Municipal Service Tubing Potable Water, Sewer, and Reclaimed Water Service Tubing
Municipal and Industrial Potable Water, Sewer, Reclaimed Water Distribution, and Industrial Piping.
Geothermal Geothermal Ground loops, Laterals, Slinky’s, Pond Loops
Oil and Gas Natural Gas Gathering, Service and Distribution Piping, Propane Service, Shale Gas Production, Oil Patch, Methane Recovery
Irrigation Residential and Commercial Sprinkler and Irrigation Piping

Step 2:
There are four polyethylene pipe sizing systems. Make your selection based on application and how you plan to join the pipe.

Sizing System


Typical Application




Water Wells, Irrigation

Barbed Insert fittings/clamps




Service Lines – Water, Sewer, Reclaimed Water and Gas


Stab or OD compression fittings






Distribution/Transmission – Water, Sewer, Reclaimed Water, Gas, Industrial, Geothermal

Heat fusion or OD compression fittings



Distribution/Transmission – Water, Sewer, Reclaimed, Industrial

Heat fusion or OD compression fittings

Step 3:
Select a Material Designation for your application:




PE 2406/2708

Medium Density Polyethylene

Gas and Propane only

PE 3408/3608

High Density Polyethylene

Water, Sewer, Reclaimed, Industrial, Geothermal, Gas

PE 4710

High Performing High Density Polyethylene

Water, Sewer, Reclaimed, Industrial, Geothermal, Gas

Remember to the include the Dimension Ratio (DR) of the inside diameter (ID) controlled pipe or the outside diameter (OD) controlled pipe in your request.  The dimension ratio is very important because the diameter to wall thickness relationship dictates the stress carrying capabilities of the pipe. 

Note: PE 4710 is the newest generation of High Performing, High Density Polyethylene resins.

It is replacing PE 3408/3608. Charter is phasing out the PE 3408/3608 resin and by 2013, we will no longer offer pipe made from the PE 3408/3608 resin.

Thank you for your interest. If you are in need of more information, please contact Charter at 800.486.7473.